Mein Ziel: immer eine handbreit Wasser unter Ihrem Kiel!

The size of your request does't matter, I am at your disposal.

Our Team

Lisa-Maria Breschan, MEng. Ship Science

The Entrepreneur

At the moment lone-warrior

After completing my education in Naval Architecture at the University of Southampton, I have gained a broadly ranging knowledge in the ship and yacht building sector. In recent years (almost 6 at Bavaria Yachts and 1 year at Yachtwerft Meyer) I was able to solidify the knowledge in industry. I have gained experience in serial ship building and I was working in a company focusing on custom yachts. 

In the last year I have decided to undergo an advanced education for legal and business aspects and in the preperation for the Austrian civil engineering exam, I was able to widen my horizon in business and the Austrian administrative and constitutional law. 

Why me?

  • Unbeatable charisma
  • Valuable empathy
  • Productive stamina
  • Passion for the product

In my function as a project manager for series production, I was assigned to do the time and budget management. 

Throughout the negotiations with the suppliers, I was able to convince with my arguments and mark down the prices significantly. I was able to incorporate, the knowledge gained in the project management role, in the new developments which resulted in higher customer-satisfaction.